Welcome to my home page.

I have reinstalled the whole webserver, as well as the aprs tier2 country server at netherlands.aprs2.net:14501 a Ninjam and Jamulus server, and a golf app  which are all running on this server, hosted by liteserver.nl

I also decided to revamp the website. It may have taken a couple of weeks in this Corona period, but hey, time is not of the essence right now.

This server now also runs a strict fail2ban regime, because with approx 200 scans  per minute by strangers who all are using root as a passwd, these hamradio pages tend te be a bit sloggish.

The anti hackers software is now blocking all users from certain countries where the attacks are originating from.Sent me your home ip and detailed info (name address,postal code and preferably hamradio callsign) and i will put you on the whitelist.



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