APRX 2.8.2 – rev 12

APRX PhyreFly branch for OpenWrt

The latest firmware images for Openwrt & APRX have been uploaded on 30th of October 2015. See the download section.
See Google groups for more info…. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/aprx-software

To install just the package, do as follows….
ssh into your machine (normally something like sss root@(ip-of-machine)

Then change into the tmp directory and execute:
wget http://www.pa0esh.nl/svn/aprx_2.8.2-stable_brcm47xx.ipk

chmod 755 aprx_2.8.2-stable_brcm47xx.ipk
opkg install aprx_2.8.2-stable_brcm47xx.ipk –force-downgrade
/etc/init.d/aprx restart

In case you still run the older router and cannot upgrade to 14.07 or later, use the aprx_2.8.2-stable_mipsel.ipk package in stead.

Hello everyone

Welcome at my new website. I have decided to change to Word Press in stead of Joomla and rebuild the site with the latest information.
Active topics are the download area, both for music related (e86) software and styles, as well as APRS related, with the emphasis on the Raspberry PI.
Schermafdruk 2015-02-04 18.26.34
First of all the download section will be recreated. And slowly the other topics will follow
Have fun and drop me a note in case you have comments…

Erik, PA0ESH