Openwrt & APRX build environment

For those who  compile Openwork & APRX themselves here a few pointers, in case you run into specific errors.
With special thanks to Wladimir, EW8BAK.

If the error indicates that you have certain ax25 files not available, solve this as follows:
Install libax25-dev (sudo apt-get install libax25-dev)

Now copy the directory /usr/include/netax25 to the openwrt/staging_dir/target-mipsel_mips32_musl-1.1.14/usr/include directory
Next find sockaddr.h and copy the whole directory in which sockaddr.h resides (named bits) also to openwrt/staging_dir/target-mipsel_mips32_musl-1.1.14/usr/include.

Now Openwork should compile, or if you just want to compile aprx, do

make package/aprx/compile -j1 V=s

APRX 2.8.2 – rev 12

APRX PhyreFly branch for OpenWrt

The latest firmware images for Openwrt & APRX have been uploaded on the 8th of Januari 2016. See the download section.
See Google groups for more info….!forum/aprx-software

To install just the package, do as follows….
ssh into your machine (normally something like sss root@(ip-of-machine)

Then change into the tmp directory and execute:

chmod 755 aprx_2.8.2-stable_brcm47xx.ipk
opkg install aprx_2.8.2-stable_brcm47xx.ipk –force-downgrade
/etc/init.d/aprx restart

In case you still run the older router and cannot upgrade to 14.07 or later, use the aprx_2.8.2-stable_mipsel.ipk package in stead.

Soundmodem / direwolf audio settings & more

TOM, VA3TS sent me this note about setting up the alsa sound mixer

When adjusting volume with alsamixer, be sure to turn off the automatic gain control. This is tricky to do but it will solve the “volume too high” problem.

1. open alsamixer from the command line
2. F6 to select the sound device. For me it is C-media USB headphone set.
3. Use left/right arrow to highlite “Auto Gain Control”
4. Press m key to turn Auto Gain Control off (note it changes to [Off] in the “Item:” list above
5. Use right/left arrow to highlite the “Mic CAPTURE” colume.
6. Use up/down arrow to adjust the mic level. Mine is about 30 for best audio
7. Now monitor the Direwolf window and watch for audio levels about 30-50
  HINT:  If you started Direwolf with it's coloring enabled and now all your 
           console text is blinking, you can use the command "tput reset" to 
           clear things out. Better to start with direwolf -t 0